During your stay in Tulear and Anakao, we suggest you some places and some activities that we know personally, that we and our customers often use with an absolute positive feedback.


Lemur from MadagascarLemur's Park, Madagascar

Lemur's Park is beautiful example of reforestation and protection of the flora and the endemic fauna of this part of Madagascar. It is located at just 20 minute drive from the capital Antananarivo.

Our friend Lorence, has managed to create a magical place after more than 20 years of work, or families of lemurs can reproduce and be released in their natural habitat of origin.

The whole is in a forest of endemic trees, exactly as if the man had never touched anything! We advise you to spend a day of peace and relaxation in this wonderful nature.


School project, on the south of Anakao, MadagascarSchool project

We invite you to participate in an interesting humanitarian project which consists in the creation of a school and related infrastructure to improve the lives of an area particularly isolated from South of Madagascar, 130 km south of Anakao. See more explanation on their website in French.

"Our association aims to help one of the poorest regions of Madagascar while meeting the challenge of sustainable development."


Italian restaurant in the center of the town in Tulear : l'Esterelle

Restaurant L'esterel in Tulear:
In a peacefull corner of the city, the Esterel Restaurant is surely the best place to eat in the zone, is located near Longo Hotel, on the tribunal road.
A very good cooking, a speed service at correct prices, all that on the shadow of a amazing tropical garden.



Hotel in Tulear, a good stay before Anakao, Madagascar

Longo Hotel in Tulear:
On the peacefull quarter of Andaboly, Longo Hotel is the perfect place to stay out from the bustle of the city. 10 bungalows set in a tropical orchard, a perfet service at surely the best quality price in Tulear. The hotel is managed by Davide, an italian boy, helpfull and sociable.

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Surf in Anakao
Surf Blog Things to do in Anakao:
A good article called "Cool things to do in Anakao, Madagascar" wrote by our friend in his travel blog : Surf, Fish, life style and Peter Pan hotel! ...
Read the whole article and see the pictures in the blog


Speed boat between Anakao and Tulear

Transfert Anakao, daily speedboats from Tulear to Anakao
The best solution to reach Anakao from Tulear. Two speedboats that every morning come to Anakao and wayback. Absolutly a safe transport that will bring you directly on the Peter Pans beach in just one hour of pleasant navigation.

 Website : www.transfert-anakao.com


Hotel Madagascar Underground - Tananarive
Our friends Christine et Ryan, crefted this friendly youth hostel in the harth of Antananarrivo. Surely the best quality price in town, with collective and private rooms. This place is clean, correct, and very good to meet other travellers and have good moments, sharing experiences and tasting the exelent hotels mexican restaurant.
Contacts : 0342990907 -  0342001983 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Luigi's pizzeria - Ranohira
Luigi, expert italian pizza maker, is doing fantastics pizzas in the city of Ranohira, on the RN7 stop, near to the Isalo National Park. Is a popular stop for travellers that come down by the road from Tana. As all the places that we propose, Luigi's Pizzeria will satisfy you!
Ranohira is a small city, will be very easy to find Luigi's Pizzeria!